Tuesday, January 25, 2011

House Hard To be Enter By Shaitan

First of all, I would like to praise Allah for I would be able to share this topic with all...Alhamdulillah.
Let see, which house is hard  to be enter by Shaitan. We should know the effect when our house is lived/entered by Shaitan. It is hard for us to worship Allah, or even to do our daily our house is the home of shaitan. But, don’t be afraid O Muslim...we should only afraid of Allah.
Here...I give you O Believer of Allah, some  of the way to keep your house away from Shaitan.
1.       You should do what is ordered by Allah, and leave behind what is forbidden by HIM.
2.       You must always worship to Allah.
3.       Keep a good relationship with other people.
4.       The dweller are from Soleh and Solehah.
5.       The dweller must love Allah, the rasool Muhammad(pbuh), their  parents and the housemate.
6.       You must avoid doing unlawful things, such as drinking alcohol, gambling and more.
7.       Make sure your foods and drinks are lawful and clean.
8.       Always praise Allah, no matter what happen.
9.       Establish Solah and pay Zakah

By doing the above, Inshaallah...Allah will protect you from Shaitan, from bad things and even accident...Ameen. Always pray to Allah so that you are avoided from Shaitan, surely...Allah hear the prayer of Muslim...Inshaallah.


Badness of Urinating While Standing

Alhamdulillah...I would like to thank you Allah, for giving me another chance to share with you O Muslim about “Urinate while  standing”.

This story is shared by my Ustazah...blessing on her, Ameen.
She said that...usually man used to urinate while standing. But I admit I don’t urinate like this. She told me that, when the Shaitan’s body is hurt...there is only one way to heal it. That is...the urine of a man who urinate while standing. Mashaallah, let we O Muslimin...have a better life by not standing when you are urinating. As a Muslim, our prayer is not accepted by Allah if there is any urine stick to our body as we didn’t wash it properly. May Allah protect us from the whisper of Shaitan..Ameen.

Dialogue Between Muhammad(pbuh) and Shaitan

Alhamdulillah, thank you to Allah for giving me a share with the muslims about “Dialogue Between Muhammad(pbuh) and Shaitan”. Here how the story begin...

Once before, Allah had ordered the Angel to meet and impart the Shaitan of Allah’s order. HIS order is that, Shaitan must face with Muhammad(pbuh) and answer whatever ask by him with honest and true. If Shaitan insist, then the body of Shaitan will be crushed and spread like fine dust blown by the wind. When Shaitan received the order, then quickly he transform into an old man blind one of his  eyes and has a 10 pieces of beard. Immediately he met Muhammad(pbuh). The Prophet asked Shaitan the first question...

Prophet: “O Shaitan, who is your biggest enemy and what about me for you?”
Shaitan: “Hence you are my biggest enemy”

Prophet: “O Shaitan, what is the first thing you will lie to human?”
Shaitan: “I will turn away their faith so that they will easily follow my order.”

Prophet: “O Shaitan, if my follower worshiping Allah...what happen to you?”
Shaitan: “O Prophet of Allah, hence it will give the biggest trouble to me and my bones and joint will    be shaking.”

Prophet: “If my follower recite the Qur’an in the cause of Allah, what will happen to you?”
Shaitan: “Hence my body will burn, my nerve will break and I will run away from him.”

Prophet: “If my follower went Hajj in the cause of Allah, what will happen to you?”
Shaitan: “Hence my flesh and bones will fall as he had completed his Article of Islam.”

Prophet: “If my follower fasting in the cause of Allah, what is your condition?”
Shaitan: “Hence this is the biggest disaster befall over me.”

Prophet: “Who is alook like you?”
Shaitan: “They are who lighter your Syariat(religious law) and those who  hates the knowledge of Islam.”

Prophet: “Who is the one that will explain your face?”
Shaitan: “Those who love to lie and break his promise and the ally of it.”

Prophet: “If my follower is with his wife(having sex), what about you?”
Shaitan: “If your follower doesn’t recite the du’a before doing it, then I will do it before them, hence my descendent will mix with their. Also when they are eating.”

Prophet: “What will decline your lies?”
Shaitan: “It is, when they commit sin and quickly repent to Allah. When they are angry, they take the wudu’ and their angry is gone. This is how they decline my lies.”

Prophet: “Who is the one that you love to be with?”
Shaitan: “They are either man/women who did not shave their armpit hair and hair in the pubic region, in 40 days. There will be my nest.”

Prophet: “Who is your relative?”
Shaitan: “They are who awake in the dawn and then continue their sleep until the end of dawn. They sleep in grovel.”

Prophet: “What is the charity made by my follower, which will perish you?”
Shaitan: “They give alms to the poor without known by the other, they always praise Allah and always repent.”

Prophet: “What will break your eyes?”
Shaitan: “They are the one who sit in the mosque and intend to i’tiqaf.”

Prophet: “What else other than that?”
Shaitan: “They who do good deeds to their parents, and dedicate to them.”

Hence, the interview between the Prophet(pbuh) and Shaitan was ended. I hope that what is mention above, can change your life to a better condition. Take a heed of what were written above. May the diologue give you some lesson. Perform your 5 Solah everyday and praise HIM always, and Allah will give you HIS protection...Ameen.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Sign That Allah Has The Power To Raise the Death

In the surah Al-Baqarah, 259 

Or take another example of the one(Ezra) who passed by a town which had fallen down upon its roof. He exclaimed: "How can Allah bring this dead township back to life?" Thereupon Allah cause him to die, and after one hundred years brought him back to life. Allah asked: "How long did you remain here?" Ezra replied: "Perhaps a day or part of a day." Allah said: "Nay! You have remained here for one hundred years: now just have a look at your food and drink; they are not rotten; and then look at your donkey and see that his very bones have decayed. We have done this to make you a Sign for mankind. Look at the bones of your donkey, how We bring them together then clothe them with flesh and bring him back to life! When this all was shown clearly to him, he said: "Now I know that Allah has power over everything."